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Server Worlds

Please see below for each NPC indicated for what the world contains and a bit about how the World works!

Survival World

This was our first Survival world, it has been made easier with having an economy a Shop and even a Spawner shop, you can sell goods and buy goods with in game cash, this is the easiest version of survival and is mostly used as a Role Play server. We have a Heads shop to aid decoration, we have anti griefing enabled so no one can destroy your builds, there are daily crate keys for merely logging on with crates being at spawn. McMMO is enabled here and you can quickly gain perks from this to help your game, So much more to see, come and join in now!

Extreme Survival World

After Creating our Survival world people wanted something more like Hermitcraft where things run around Diamonds being the currency and is more Vanilla than the easy Survival world. We have done this and made the world difficulty Hard! We also added Bloodmoon events that happen once evey so often, you cannot sleep through this! you cannot Warp or TP away, you must face the tough mobs and maybe if you are lucky find the boss and kill him! We have a Shopping distrcit ran by players based entirely on trust. We often prank each other here and is a true community throughout all our servers. 

SkyBlock World

SkyBlock as you know it and more! We have challenges to complete here, we have an Economy and a shop, want to sell your goods to help buy items to help you pass a challenge, why not! Build your island as big as you can to become an Island master, show off your builds, vanilla farms! See how quick you can become one of the best, the challenges include buillding a villager farm, animal farms, gaining levels from those useless items like rotten flesh and spider eyes. Now they are worth keeping to help level up. You will need so much storage, want to build storage units, please have at it, the bigger and better you builld your island the faster you rank up. 

Creative World

Here in the creative world the world is your oyster! You  can test your redstone ideas (lagg machines are strictly banned) You can test build ideas and designs all within your own plot of land, not big enough? claim up to 4 plots and join them together! Only your imagination stops you.

The Lab

The Lab is a mini games server consisting of 14 to play games. However you are pitched with friends to play just three random ones, gain the most points to win against your pals. This is great fun for a quick game play to take your mind off things and will give you a giggle or too as well.


Arcade is our latest mini Games server where you can choose from 8 minigame worlds, with 11 games  in Party Games, Think what you have? this game comes with its own hub and leader board for each world you play in. So come and earn your bragging rights! There are more to come so watch this space as we ever evolve our server experience for you!


A new Parkour world is coming soon the first was wayyy to easy!

Super Parkour

This Parkour world by design is harder and more complex than the last, but does have Checkpoints here and there, so see a Golden pressure plate? I would stand on it! There are 100 levels and each is harder than the last, get to the top and be rewarded with elyrta and rockets to look around what you just completed!

Hard Parkour

This parkour world is huge with no check points, where your only way back is death and you must start the world again, I have yet to see anyone complete this wonder; so dare you try your luck?!

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