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Fanalamas Story

New players; new to Minecraft. I was intrigued to who would join a server on my first day of starting to play minecraft. Soon to discover it was a husband and a wife who wanted to play together. Everything but normal minecraft. Myself still figuring out how everything worked.
Soon outclassed by the enthusiasm of a new game, commands and forward slashes was not what I'm used to. In fact the whole online gaming world belonged to those who played first person shooters and strategy games. My online gaming was limited to frowned upon mobile games and playing with friends to keep in touch and spend a few hours with.
Playing with someone new was fun. Something else. Learning culture and having discussions one would normally not have. A fresh conversation every day, random things like, how weather works and in general just different. I'm use to playing games with kids. Well it's literally my job. Finding someone around my age was needless to say rare.
Soon after meeting DarrenNRena, another account was added and the missus was introduced. I enjoy teaching her and the next month was so much fun. They say passion stirs passion and that's exactly what happened.
Before we could finish 3 builds together we became friends. Minecraft friends. Not knowing much about one another but sensing a kindred spirit soon to be confirmed with a leap of faith. You walk in your city for years and don't find a connection with people and in an instant, somewhere on a digital world you run into someone.
Hearing their story, sharing mine. There's something protective having an avatar as you're a puppet, shielding you from emotion and disappointment. But even though that shield vulnerability broke the barrier and made those three digital puppets real flesh and blood. Its once one enters into a friendship where pretence and masks start to disappear. Seeing the strength in the other and learning who we are. In this; a new venture was born.
Laying down a path for the future. Communication got real and we met face to face, well; voice to voice. There's something different when you hear someone for the first time. You kinda hear their heart. How they scream out who they really are. Like how you know a child is lying to you or your wife is angry with you. It's like a realness that sets in and all of a sudden some formalities fall away. Transparency, think that's it. The work and talk beforehand set a platform to just say well here I am. Luckily acceptance as well.
The story of how the owners met is both normal and at the same time, something else. A picture yet to be completed, a map yet to be built. Laying foundations and frustrations. Learning how to work with each other and in that same breath building this Fyracraft, a place where people can be themselves and help each other.
Potential, who knows, but one thing is certain. It's going to be a blast!

DarrenNRena - Rena_01 Story

We as many couples do have had a really tough couple of years and often found ourselves browsing through YouTube videos to entertain us in our lower moments in life. We came across two crazy people called RGA and Doni Bobes whom I'm sure most people know of. We became big fans and watched many videos and got really interested in the world of Minecraft. We were totally new to the game. So we created a Joint account as we often played at alternate times during the day so it was easy to share.
As mentioned above we were totally new to this game, we didnt know how to make a stick let alone the tools we need to move on with the game, we started alone and as total Newbies to the game, we soon found Fanalama who helped us get to a small village where we could build, he showed us the ropes, helped by gifting us with tools, he was always a message away, anything we needed help with, he was there, a kind and unselfish person who was rushing around helping others everyday. Before long we got to know the ropes and Google was our best friend for a few weeks until we learnt what most 12 year olds know in full! We left our first home fast and built a large house by the water and also built one for Fanalama to thank him for his help. Our Builds together became more ambitious as time went on. Trust was key as we all owned parts of the same land.
Our first builds were very indicative of a typical moderate player of Minecraft, our newness was clear in our designs, simple houses. We found larger spaces and started to let our imaginations run wild. Helped by Fanalama who has an incredible eye for design, somehow he makes the smallest change and it looks totally different, we have built a large castle underwater, we have a massive modern house with stables, mob farms and all in all it has been fun building together, but there was a limiting factor, the servers, the lag, the lack of certain elements in the game, the cost of getting even the /Fly command was crazy in some cases. Thus this venture came about.
The birth of FyraCraft is quite a simple one, I had my frustrations of having to pay a lot of money for what i felt was not worth it, but i stupidly did so anyway; initially, My biggest frustration was basic game mechanics had been messed about with on the server i played on. So the things i would build and test in my local world didnt work on the server. Then the multiplayer world we had worked so hard on was suddenly deleted, no reason just gone, all our time and effort, wasted! A phone call to Fanalama and thus FyraCraft was born.

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