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Hi! Welcome to the server, I am the Owner and proud creator of this server, I have been playing Minecraft for a few years now inspired by family who played it. I got into the online world and came across many pay to win servers and decided we could do better. I have enjoyed the experience and knowledge of creating this server and ever evolving it to be a better more exciting place to be. We have players from all over the world and whilst we can be quiet at times we are ever growing and we have such a great community here, Join our discord to be part of this!


Hi my name is Rena_01 I am head admin on this server. I love playing on here. Getting to know people from all over the world and been able to keep in touch when we are not able to join in the game. We have a lot of laughs when we are all on together. And always know how to cheer each other up. This server is free to play and is not like any other servers. We all look out for each other here!


Hi! Welcome FYRA Craft, I’m part of the founding members and Co-Owner with my friend DarrenNRena. We started this server to make a family friendly place where Minecrafters can become friends. I take lead in a lot of the creative and design side of our in game elements and to make people feel welcome and looked after! Besides that I just love playing the game! Playing and building together is what makes Minecraft fun for me, helping people and seeing their passion grow motivates me to do even more!


Hi, I am Madcatver aka Mad and I'm the servers Sr Mod. My job consists of a few areas, greeting new players, looking at issues from a different perspective than the owners, to help give a more bias review. I joined the server after being on a pay to play server and I moved over here to help Darren and Rena start this server. FyraCraft has become a second family to me in a way with how welcoming everyone is. Darren and I both come from Sr level IT background and can speak the language is why i guess we hit it off as friends. Welcome to FryaCraft where you become more than just a player but a friend to all and more like a large family community.


Hi I am Kuba_Blue I am a Builder here on the server and I enjoy the exploration of this expansive world. I mostly enjoy building and developing areas like small towns. The Community on this server has been very accepting and friendly to me and here I have made some new friends, and when get stuck (and yes this happens) with a mobs cornering me or when i need something I know that someone will come rescue or help me. This why found that this server is a place where I want to play explore and spend time. I'm not that great with redstone, but not entirely new to it. I have been playing Minecraft Since 2011


Hello there and welcome to our server. My name is TOOMUCHDOG(uPICBoi), I'm a helper on our server and I do what my title suggest, from introducing players to our various minigames to giving some insight about community rules and providing information when requested. I enjoy playing minecraft and I especially enjoy playing on the Fyracraft server I hope you'll enjoy it too, so hop in and send me a message and let's play some minecraft already!

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